The Massacre at Littlehorn was a major event that happened during the Great War, leading to the abdication of Princess Celestia.


The Littlehorn Massacre occurred at Luna's School for Gifted Unicorns, in Littlehorn Valley. The massacre was caused when a zebra refugee convoy had to pass close to the school. The refugees were mistaken as soldiers by worried Equestrians, resulting in the school firing upon the convoy. The ponies in the school soon realized their mistakes, but casualties had already been sustained by the zebras.

In retaliation, a trained zebra commando used a stealth cloak to approach the school, and deployed a Pink Cloud talisman. The Cloud killed everything that was inside the building at the time.


This event lead to the abdication of Princess Celestia from the throne, giving rise to Princess Luna and the Ministry Mares. This was also a turning point for the ongoing conflict, as the Zebras believed Luna to be Nightmare Moon (an agent of the Stars, the mythological enemies of all living things), ending all possibilities of peace between the two nations,

In Other Side Stories

Project Horizons

Goldenblood was the only survivor of the massacre. He would be stricken with a crippled body for the rest of his life, the cloud visibly scarring his coat and damaging his lungs and internal organs. 

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