Lucky Devil is the main charecter of Fallout: Equestria - Devil's Luck

Lucky Devil (Devil's Luck)
Poker Chip 1
Title The Bloody Gambler
Race Unicorn
Sex Male


Lucky grew up in Stable 21, not too far away from Dise. His stable was supposed to be built under the city initially, but that was broken due to the problems facing plans with the Dise leadership working against it. His Stable's experiment was that everything would be solved in games of chance, culminating in him being the luckiest possible person due to only the luckiest being able to mate for almost 200 years. His stable was lost in a hand of cards between his Overstalion and a stranger who had made it in.


Perks and Skills

A detailed character sheet can be found here .


  • Is bisexual.
  • Only not an alcoholic due to technicalities and anti-addiction services.
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