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Race Zebra
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Crusaders
Family Sekashi - Mother

Lancer - Brother

Status Alive
Majina is a young zebra filly, and the daughter of Sekashi. She was first encountered in the Brimstone Falls Mine.


Majina was born to Sekashi (male progenitor unknown).


Majina, alongside ten other zebra, including her mother, were captured by slavers and then sold to the owners of the Brimstone Fall's Mine. The mine was protected by the Pecos who also worked under the Reaper, Gorgon.

Present Day

Majina was rescued from the mine by Blackjack, her companions and Lancer. Lancer had a different agenda besides rescuing the slaves in the mine and promptly executed nine of the eleven rescued zebra. However, his shots only managed to wound Majina and Sekashi, not kill them. Majina left Brimstone Falls with her mother and Blackjack's group, eventually ending up near Chapel. Majina and her mother move into the town where they make a safe life for themselves.

She is seen playing or helping the Crusaders and has become a member of their group during Blackjack's return visits to Chapel. She was captured by Sanguine and Vermilion along with the rest of the town when they took the town hostage to attract Blackjack's attention. She was rescued by Blackjack and her friends. Majina, alongside her mother, fought off the Harbingers in a battle that erupts between them and the townsponies, Majina making excellent use of a blow dart in combat.



Majina is a young zebra filly with a striped coat and no cutie mark.


Majina is skilled in using a blow dart in combat. She was temporarily deafened for an extended period due to working in a mine but she has recovered from the experience.


Majina is shown owning and using a blow dart gun during a battle with the Harbingers.

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