Marefort is a town, located deep in Crimson Hoof territory. The town is named after the large number of mares and fillies that populate the town. The town is run by a mayor, who is selected by either the town or placed into power by the Crimson Hoof. The last named Mayor was Mayor Mare, the mother of Silver Storm.


Surrounded by Crimson Hoof territory, the town of Marefort is fairly safe. However, its safety costs a 'protection' fee, in the form of ammunition given to the Crimson Hoof. Marefort sits on a massive, pre-war ammunition cache, and is deemed a small price to pay for the town's inhabitants, continued protection.

The majority of the population are mares. Stallions of fighting age are taken to join the Crimson Hoof, which discourages rebellion in Marefort as they would likely end up fighting their own relatives in the process.


Marefort is situated a fair distance from any of the nearby settlements, meaning that trade is slow and the town is slowly dying. When the Crimson Hoof leadership changed, its new leader, Smooth Tongue, arrived in Marefort to secure a recently discovered cache of Star Metal bullets. The current mayor and representative of Marefort, Mayor Mare, refused and was killed for resisting.

Meadow, the brother of Silver Storm, was taken and raised to be a Crimson Hoof, much to Silver's dismay. Years later Silver Storm and Wildfire act as guards and lookouts, watching for incoming raiders or wildlife. Silver Storm leaves Marefort and heads to Stable 42, the base of the Crimson Hoof, to rescue her brother. She reportedly killed the leader of the Crimson Hooves which sparked a rebellion in Marefort.

Smooth Tongue was not dead, merely injured. He recovered and Marefort was punished, with several of the towns mares, killed.

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