Mechasprites are a unique type of Robot developed by Robronco. They were only shown once during their public debut in front of the Ministry Mares. Mr Horse, was the one who ran the demonstration.


The Mechasprite was created as a means of revolutionizing the field of mass production. The idea behind a Mechasprite was that they would consume the needed raw material and then they would create the desired item. Horse displayed this in a demonstration for the ministry Mares, which had a Mechasprite consume raw material and then fashion a pistol from the material.

The Mechasprite created another Mechasprite from left over material and could be assisted by it's counterpart in creating more items. The demonstration was sabotaged by a double-agent working for The Zebra, Enclave or another faction. The Mechasprites went into overdrive, and began eating and mass producing like regular parasprites, and the demonstration had to be forcibly stopped.

The ministry mares were not impressed though Twilight Sparkle was willing to give Horse another chance, Horse was aware of the sabotage, likely because he created and probably tested the robotic parasprites before he decided to perform a live demonstration.


Mechasprites can create weapons and other items from raw materials, Mechasprites can also mass produce themselves. They could be made out of a number of materials include rusted metal. They can cooperate to improve their efficency and makes weapons more quickly.

They are prevented from going out of control by the magical field that powers them


  • Act like regular parasprite swarms when out of control.
  • Are supposed to deactivate when out of the magic field powering them
  • Their first public demonstration was sabotaged.
  • They are not cute and cuddly like regular parasprites
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