Mezzer by Burnout42

Mezzer, Coin Slot's Personal Mesmetron.
~ DAfavicon Burnout42

A Mesmetron was a pre-war piece of technology, developed by General Atomareics.


The weapon was developed as a means of peacefully stopping riots and protests. The weapon was primarily used by riot police to quell riots and protests peacefully. The weapon fires a pulse of magical energy that 'mesmerizes' its targets putting them into a relaxed and suggestive state of mind. A sentient victim of the weapon will happily hand over their possesions and do anything commanded of them. The weapon's effect wears off though returning the victim to their normal state of mind.

If fired at animals such as Star-wolves, their heads will explode. Insectoid creatures like Bark Scorpions are stunned by the blasts and will not attack even if they are attacked and will allow themselves to be killed. The weapon also has a chance of causing a sentient creatures head to explode.

Unique Variants

Mezzer - Mezzer is the personal Mesmetron of Coin Slot. It is made of a sentient piece of star metal which is bound to Coin Slots Soul, this particular weapon has an infinite ammo supply.

Pink-E - The Sprite-bot has a Mesmetron built into one of its eyes.


  • The Mesmetron is based on the weapon of the same name, from Fallout 3.
  • Can cause the heads of enemies to explode, rarely happens though.
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