Mezzer by Burnout42
Mezzer's Physical Form and Stauette
~ DAfavicon Burnout42
Race Mesmetron / Unknown entity
Sex Male
Status Alive

Mezzer is a sentient weapon, carried by Coin Slot.



Not much is known about Mezzer's background, not even by the sentient device. What he does know is limited to his arrival on Equestria. Before that he was a piece of Star Metal that crash landed in the Everfree Forest. He became a Mesmetron after Coin Slot tried to pick him up and is now bonded to her, his life tied to her own.

Present Day

Mezzer has been sifting through Coin Slot's memories since they were bonded, unintentionally responsible for her lapses in judgement and memory. Mezzer's viewing of her memories has made Coin Slot slightly resentful of the weapon. Due to the type of weapon he is, Coin Slot is physically incapable ot taking lives anymore, their spiritual bond prevents Coin from firing her weapons and making lethal shots.

Mezzer is fascinated with his origins and often encourages Coin Sot to learn about General Atomareics, the creators of the Mesmetron weapon and the MG-MS series of Mister Gutsy robots.


Coin Slot - Coin and Mezzer are bonded at the soul. He dislikes Coin's lifestyle and career and often chastises her on her bad decisions but offers encouragement when she makes decisions he agrees with. He dislikes the notion of slavery and often has arguments with Coin on the morality of her profession.



Mezzer is a male personality with a high morale standard of ethics and an innate curiousity. Mezzer often chastises Coin Slot on her decisions and tries to suggest alternate methods of doing things. His male personality also means he dislikes the idea of Coin having sex with stallions and personally prefers mares, much to Coin Slot's ire and dismay.


Mezzer has a silver, metallic body of Star Metal and a red eye which the energy beams are emitted.


His Mesmetron body can fire paralyzing waves of energy that temporarily stun enemies and make them susceptible to suggestions. The energy he emits has proven fatal to animals like Star-wolves whose heads explode and paralyzing to insectoid enemies, such as Radscorpions. He is able to communicate with Coin Slot in her dreams and when she is awake and is also able to view her memories, causing Coin Slot to relive them.

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