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Midnight was a unicorn mare from Stable 99. Blackjack saw Midnight as cute and attractive, hoping to one day have sex with her.

Source Unknown
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable 99
Status Alive


Midnight worked and lived in Stable 99, she would often dismiss Blackjack's advances and sexual propositions. She survived the raider attack on Stable 99, lead by Deus. After the attack, Midnight retreated to the lower levels of the stable along with the other stable ponies who hadn't been infected by the Raider Disease introduced to the stable by Deus's raider attackers.

Midnight participated in the battle to reclaim Stable 99, along with Blackjack and her companions, and participated in the festivities afterwards. Unfortunately for her and most of the stable, ponies with the raider disease were fed into the stable's recycling system, rather than incinerated as Blackjack instructed, infecting the stable's food supply. Midnight was infected and succumbed to the disease.

Midnight tried to escape the stable before Blackjack killed it with chlorine gas, but was unable to do so, due to Blackjack sealing the door. She cursed Blackjack for killing the stable, before dying.