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Midnight Shower
Midnightshower 03
Midnight Shower gazing at the stars. Art by icekatze
Race Unicorn
Sex Not specific
Faction/Role Equestria

Midnight Shower was a unicorn mare (or stallion) and the Royal Astronomer of Luna.


During the War[]

Midnight Shower was summoned to appear before Princess Luna who explained her desire to learn more about myths and folklore of the Zebra. She wished to keep this desire quiet and so asked Midnight to investigate for her, giving her a piece of Nightmare Moon's old armor to show the Zebra of Zebratown.

In a terminal found in Zebratown, she wrote what would seem to be 36 journal entries (not all are listed) about her time spent there trying to discover more about the zebra myths concerning starmetal, the metal found within meteors, falling stars etc that was used to make Nightmare Moon's armor.

The zebra she encountered were reluctant to divulge information to Midnight, she spent some time building up trust with the local zebra, which was shattered when she revealed she had starmetal in her possession. One of the zebra explains some of their fears and superstitions of the mysterious metal to Midnight but not nearly enough.

Throughout her trip, she learns of a prisoner who was most knowledgeable about the old stories. In her attempts to find him, the city ended up learning of her meteor cutie mark. She first noticed on day 32 that the zebras began to isolate her, due to her cutie mark and her questions on starmetal. On day 36, she managed to obtain the papers forcing the head of the constabulary to let her see the prisoner. Midnight learns that the prisoner killed himself after chewing through his forehooves, only leaving a thin strip of flesh.

In the last entry, it's presumed that someone broke through the door two hours before her pickup back to Princess Luna. The writing is cut off right before she said she'd shut off the terminal.

She is presumed to be a skeleton beneath a noose found in a hut where the terminal with her entries was found.


  • Although the wiki and most translations refer to Midnight Shower as a mare, it is also not incorrect to refer to them as a stallion, as can be seen in a few translations.