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Char - Applejack (CSImadmax)

Applejack is the founder and director of the Ministry.

The Ministry of Wartime Technology ("MWT" for short) is a pre-war ministry that was headed by Applejack, formed under the reign of Princess Luna


The Ministry of Wartime Technology's purpose was to oversee and manufacture weaponry and technology for the war against the zebras. The Ministry itself acted as a large foundation for countless smaller industries and businesses that made their own contributions to the wartorn Equestria. The Ministry's logo is a set of gears surrounded by an apple-shaped box, with a sword bisecting through the middle. The Ministry of Wartime Technology is the only one still operating at the beginning of Fallout Equestria in the form of the Steel Rangers.

Known Projects[]

Steel Rangers[]

The Steel Rangers were a group of Power Armored soldiers, specialists employed by the Ministry of Technology and drawn from the ranks of the regular Equestrian military, as was the case with SteelHooves. The Steel Rangers were notably employed alongside the Ministry of Morale's agents, the Pinks to raid the Four Stars company on the Last Day.

Power Armor[]

Applejack created Power Armor to protect ponies and was a joint project with Twilight Sparkle & the Ministry of Arcane Sciences. The armor employed numerous spells and talismans that made it far superior to combat armor and had componenets that used Stable-Tec technology.

Notes and Trivia[]