Iron Will, a notable pre-war Minotaur.

The Minotaurs are a race of bipedal creatures that resemble a cross between a human and a bull. Minotaurs are notably taller than many other intelligent species.


Before the War

Not much is known about minotaurs or their involvement with Equestria before the war. One notable minotaur, Iron Will, made a name for himself as a travelling self-help, confidence trainer. Iron Will notably arrived in Ponyville where he set up a stage and had goats assisting him as technical staff and for his on-stage demonstrations. Iron Will's self-help program backfired horribly with Fluttershy who became too mean spirited and cruel.

Iron Will came to collect money for helping Fluttershy, but he was turned away by Fluttershy who showed renewed confidence in herself and refused Iron Will's bill, claiming she was dissatisfied with his services.

In Other Stories

Major Appearances

Fallout is Dragons

One of the primary characters of the campaign - Tempered Steel - is a Minotaur, and has a major role throughout the story.

Minor Appearances

Project Horizons

Blackjack was attacked by a minotaur after rescuing a group of wastelanders from becoming slaves. The minotaur survived its encounter with Blackjack, albeit injured and trapped. He later appeared at the Society's base of operations.


A ghoulified Minotaur was used by Stable-Tec to guard the way to Stable 17's reactor. The reactor was built at the end of the maze and was easy to repair, but the minotaur was devoted to guarding the reactor which stopped powering the stable. The stable died out, but the Minotaur became a ghoul, still obsessed with protecting the reactor, now guarding the entire stable, whilst spouting off catchphrases, suggesting the ghoul was Iron Will or a minotaur that subscribed to his teachings. Mach encountered this minotaur whilst scouting out Stable 17.

Murky Number Seven

Big Brutus is a cyborg minotaur that is used by the donkey slave master, Grindstone as his personal bodyguard. The cyber-minotaur has been shown accompanying Grindstone on multiple occasions.


A minotaur was used by the slaver general, Lord Zeal, to whip his pack of Timberwolves into a frenzy, before sending them to attack the settlement of Red Light.


Given they are part bull, it can be assumed that minotaurs are herbivores, possibly omnivores. The average minotaur grows to be several feet high, with a set of long, curved horns atop their head. They are notably strong and use a pair of hands to manipulate objects and have a long tail with a tuft of hair on the end. Their legs end with a pair of hooves.

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