Minuette (The Rejected Ones)
Painting of Minuette with her Paladin cape and her sword known as "Crimson Dawn"
Title President of Republic of Equestria (3 ABC - 13 ABC )

Commander of Equestrian Paladin Corps (0 ABC - 13 ABC)

Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Kingdom of Equestria (until 3 ABC)

Republic of Equestria (After 3 ABC)

Family Unnamed parents
"See you on the other side, friends"
– Minuette's last words

Minuette (also known as Minty Fresh) is a character in Fallout Equestria: The Rejected Ones timeline.

She was a high ranking member of Equestrian Paladin Corps and she was promoted to it's commander for her dedication during the First Battle of Canterlot.

During Luna's Rebelion, Minuette led the forces of ponies that stayed loyal to murdered princess Celestia against her tyran sister.

When the civil war was over, the fallen Kingdom of Equestria was turned into Republic of Equestria and Minuette was chosen to be it's first and last president. During her reign, she allowed mass production of modern inventions, such as automobiles and firearms, that were used in forein lands for decades. She was also a teacher and best friend of Dinky.

In 13 ABC, she along with Elements of Harmony and other members of Corps (sans Dinky) casted the Megaspell at Canterlot in order to protect her subjects from enemy.

Even that she died, Dinky made sure that her teacher's legacy survived. After the New Equestrian Republic was estabilished, Minuette became national hero and her statue was raised at the Canterlot castle's courtyard.

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