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I’m not a liar.  And I’m not ashamed of what I tried to do.  Making sure my children still have a father is more important than some foalish little stranger who doesn’t have the good sense not to walk into a slaver camp.
– Monterey Jack's Confession
Chapter 16
Monterey Jack
Monterey Jack
Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Family Clarinet, wife
Status Alive

Monterey Jack is a minor character in Fallout: Equestria.



Monterey Jack and his wife Clarinet were out in the wasteland, scavenging. They were assaulted by a Manticore which fatally wounded Clarinet, her injuries being too severe for their limited medical supplies to heal. She orders Monterey Jack to save himself and look after their two children.

Present Day[]

Monterey Jack was the first pony that Littlepip encountered after leaving Stable Two. He had been captured by slavers and left at a camp that a bewildered Littlepip wanders into. He was saved by Littlepip during a raider encounter near Ponyville.

After being set free, he promptly attempts to use Sawed-Off's shotgun to rob Littlepip, who convinces him (with the help of a combat shotgun) that doing so would not be in his best interests. Jack and Littlepip go their separate ways. He is later encountered again, this time in Tenpony Tower where it is revealed that he runs a cheese shop. Littlepip confronts him and he confesses to his attempted robbery, in front of Tenpony's security force and is sentenced to death, much to Littlepip's horror. Littlepip in an effort to discover Jack's motivations behind his confessions has a talk with him and learns about his wife's death.

Littlepip planned to rescue Monterey Jack from his execution but was stopped by Velvet Remedy who tranquillized her and took her for treatment for Mint-al addiction. By the time Littlepip awoke, Monterey Jack had been executed. Littlepip forces Velvet to tell Monterey Jack's children about their forced eviction, much as Littlepip is loath to do it and she is left in control of his estate, in accordance with Tenpony Tower laws. She arranges for his children to be taken to Junction R-7 where Gawd and her Talons can watch over them.


  • Monterey Jack is also a type of cheese, which reflects his cutie mark and prior occupation as a cheese-shop owner.