Neighvarro is a location in Fallout: Equestria.


Neighvarro is the Enclave's largest military base, built around the main SPP control tower. The base, which houses and trains many of the Enclave Pegasi, is heavily guarded and protected by a magical energy forcefield high up in the clouds. Calamity's father is stationed there as a drill sergeant.

In Chapter 44, Littlepip, along with the help of Spike, Calamity, Barking Saw and Velvet Remedy, launch an assault on Neighvarro in order to get to the central SPP control hub and break the cloud cover, utilizing Twilight Sparkle's cloudwalking spell. Spike and Barking Saw provide fire support while Calamity plunders the Enclave's power supply and Velvet commandeers the Enclave's communications system. Calamity is caught and confronted by his father while stealing the Enclave's spark batteries, but his father lets him escape. Velvet's singing and diplomatic approach via the comm system causes many of the Enclave soldiers to surrender with little resistance.

After Littlepip's teleportation into the SPP hub, the group falls back to Spike's cave to lick their wounds and prepare for the Enclave counterattack. Due to the powerful blow struck to the Enclave at Neighvarro, the gang managed to survive the counterattack and protect the Gardens of Equestria.

Behind the Scenes

Neighvarro is a reference to Navarro , the Enclave military base in Fallout 2.

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