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Neighwhere is a pre-war city within the Hornsmith region, now home of the Paragons and their raider & slaver army. It is built under the shadow of the maremack mountains and is also the location of Sable 87.


During the war

Not much is known of Neighwhere during the war, other than being home to presumably thousands of ponies during the war.

After the war

The city avoided a direct hit by Megaspell's but still suffered the effects of the fallout. Known as Anchor, the city was repopulated over time and had a growing settlement of traders and craftsponies, selling their services to other ponies and roving traders. The city received a population boom when Stable 87 opened and the ponies inside joined the outside world, they initially integrated well with the wasteland ponies, despite their stable's program of emphasizing competition.

Things changed when Crackerjack's mother was killed whilst out on a trading run. Crackerjack snapped, renaming himself Hate, he began a hostile takeover of Neighwhere, supported by a close-knit group of ponies from his home stable. Raw Deal, another stable dweller, tried to reason with him and was set alight, left to burn alive.

Present Day

Hate now leading the Paragons, an elite group of combatants comprised mostly of other ponies from Stable 87, rules over Neighwhere, commanding an army of slavers and raiders. The city is a hub for slave trade and hosts daily gladiatorial battles. The city was attacked by Steel Rangers, using heavy weaponry and massive pre-war robots. Large portions of the city have been utterly demolished by the rangers, Stable 87 was also destroyed purposefully by Hate to prevent anyone from following him up the Maremack mountains.

Notable Inhabitants


  • Hate
  • Ripple
  • Massacre
  • Cinder Trails
  • Holepunch
  • Epiphany
  • Sweeps
  • Skyline
  • Flurry

Former Inhabitants

  • Shade
  • Raw Deal
  • Cutter