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New Appleloosa is a few hours (by hoof) from Ponyville. Several lines of train track lead to the town, suggesting it was once a major rail hub. It is a relatively peaceful settlement with most buildings made of derailed and salvaged train cars, some being stacked several cars high. For defense, a ring of boxcars surrounds the town, and ponies stand guard as sentries (or in Calamity's case, fly recon). New Appleloosa is largely at ease dealing with the slaver town of Old Appleloosa, which may come as a shock considering their policy with raiders (shoot first, ask questions later.) Other merchants commonly deal with New Appleloosa, most likely trading with Ditzy Doo. New Appleloosa is the home of Ditzy Doo's Absolutely Everything general store. Stable 24 is a few hours by hoof west of New Appleloosa.

The population of New Appleloosa is estimated at "scores."

A few trains regularly operate out of New Appleloosa, with cargo being loaded by the ancient crane (operated by Crane.)

After Littlepip was nearly shot to death by Calamity (on account of her wearing Raider's barding and having blood caked on her from her battles against Raiders in Ponyville), Littlepip was brought into New Appleloosa by the urgings of the New Appleloosans that recognized her from their rescue from Golden Oaks Library, including Ditzy.

It was attacked during Operation Cauterize by the Enclave forces for their dealings with Red Eye. The Enclave was repelled back by Ditzy when she performed a Sonic Rainboom that knocked out the airborne Enclave soldiers and three of their Raptors in the attack. The explosion also tore a hole in the cloud cover, giving the residents of New Appleoosa the first time they have ever seen the Sun.

Behind the Scenes

New Appleloosa is possibly based off Megaton, the first town encountered in Fallout 3. It also resembles Junktown from Fallout 1.

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