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The New Canterlot Republic is a post-war nation that rose from the ashes of the Equestrian Wasteland in the wake of the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows.


The New Canterlot Republic (NCR) arose after Littlepip's succesful attack on Neighvarro, allowing her to break the cloud cover and maintain the Pegasi cloud farms around the S.P.P towers. The New Canterlot Republic was founded by Gawdyna Grimfeathers alongside ponies from across the Wasteland when they banded together, and into a cohesive force. The Republic is tolerant of many species, integrating Wasteland and Enclave ponies into a single force. The mutant alicorns have also been integrated into the Republic, with help of the Zebras of Glyphmark creating a brew that would turn Alicorns into Males, a natural-born generation of Alicorns came to fruition; with one of its citizens Surprise as the 3rd of her generation, and the 1st to be born a different coat than the natural Blue, Purple or Greens that Alicorns are known for.

Hellhounds were also invited to join the Republic, a number of the displaced Hellhounds emigrated from Splendid Valley after the Balefire Bomb was detonated beneath Maripony and re-surfaced in Ponyville; driving out the last of the Raiders in the process, though their numbers are low and they are facing extinction as a species. This has led Fluttershy, now cured of her Killing Joke affliction, to vouch for the creation of a Hellhound sanctuary on a journey to Bucklyn Cross with Calamity. Settlements like Junction Town (which is now the Republic's capital) Tenpony Tower, New Appleloosa, and Shattered Hoof among others, are provided power by energy cells/ammo used for Star Blasters that was scavenged by Calamity a decade earlier.

The abandoned settlement of Arbu was converted into a detention/prison and is also used by the Republic to detain dangerous ponies and war criminals like the Pegasus Enclave members that assaulted Canterlot and Friendship City in Operation Cauterize. Ghoul ponies are also in threat of dying out, since the lack of ambient radiation is gradually causing them to die. Imported water, filled with radiation from beyond the boarders into Zebra Country, needs to be brought in to sustain the Republic's ghouls. Ditzy Doo notably runs a caravan with her husband Lionheart that provides this service, free of charge.




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  • The New Canterlot Republic is based off of the New California Republic from Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas.
  • As of the last chapter of Fallout: Equestria; there are only 2 Presidents, most likely Gawdyna Grimfeathers and her daughter, similar to Aradesh and Tandi.