New Roam is a settlement within the story Fallout: Equestria - New Roam.


New Roam is an underground settlement. It is the home base of the Roaman division of the Specters, an elite group of idealistic mercenaries. The Specters act as the main defensive force of the settlement, as thanks for the original inhabitants allowing them to stay there for free. The New Roaman Senate still has to pay them for performing operations for them, though.


New Roam is built in an underground chamber, implied to be hundreds of feet underground. The chamber itself is a very large and cylindrical chamber, with massive rings on the edges of the chamber acting as floors for the structure. On opposite ends of the chamber are two elevators, bringing the thousands of implied -- hundreds seen -- of zebras and ponies to the different floors, which house armored doors and gates which lead to their own homes in chambers beyond the main chamber of New Roam. There are also staircases, which the people can use when the elevators are fully occupied. Sewer pipes run along the ceiling, where a massive Oculus-like hole exists to allow aircraft into the chamber.

On the ground floor are titanic armored gates, through which vehicles from the surface can go underground. Turrets are built near the entrances of the gates, protecting the settlement. Robotic arms and crew pits are what make up most of the ground floor, and these utility facilities tend to the damages sustained by whatever vehicles enter the settlement.


  • Madran (leader of the Roaman Specters)
  • All the other Specters
  • All the New Roaman citizens
  • The New Roaman Senate


  • New Roam as an underground settlement built near or within Roam's underground metro and sewer network is heavily inspired by the location 'Polis' in the game Metro: 2033.
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