A Nightstalker is a mutated, hybrid animal found in the Equestrian Wasteland.


Nightstalkers are a fusion of a rattlesnake and a dog. They are carnivorous pack hunters, with a rattlesnake's head with long poisonous fangs and a rattlesnake's tail, with the body and legs of an equestrian canine. Nightstalkers have appeared in a number of Fallout: Equestria stories.

Project Horizons

Nightstalkers were an experimental pet/creature created by Hippocratic Research. The idea behind them was to create a pet that would be as dangerous as a rattlesnake, yet as loyal as a domesticated dog. Numerous cages which once housed the nightstalkers were found in Hippocratic research. They were still in their testing phase and weren't marketed to Equestria at large.

Nightstalker and Scorposprite eggs were deployed in the zebra homeland by the Equestrian military to cause chaos and disrupt supply lines of the zebra.

Nightstalkers were a product of Project Chimera and are still around in post-apocalyptic Equestria. They infest the hallways and lower levels of Hippocratic research and the Project Chimera laboratories. They were also going to be deployed as living weapons in the ghoul settlement of Meatlocker by two Zebra Remnants.

Morality of Property

In Morality of Property, Nightstalkers are normally pack hunters that use their invisibility to sneak up on prey and ambush them. Coin Slot met a lone Nightstalker which she managed to befriend by feeding him. She names her new pet Hiss after the sounds he makes and brings him along with her. She suspects Hiss to have been a former pet due to his heightened intelligence and ability to follow commands.

New Pegas

In New Pegas, Nightstalkers are called Rattle-tails. They are voracious pack hunters and will chase their prey over long distances if suitably aroused (such as by stumbling too close to one of their dens). Dead-shot was pursued by a pack of these creatures until he ran through a Herd patrol, leaving them to fend off the aggressive pack on their own.


Nightstalkers are carnivorous. They have a powerful set of fangs, strong enough to pierce leather barding. Their bodies are a fusion of snake and dog, they have the four legs of a dog and the tail of a rattlesnake and they are covered in scales and fur. One notable feature of their biology is that they can turn invisible, the shimmer their invisible forms create, being the only indication of where they are.

Nightstalkers hatch from eggs, much like other reptiles.


  • They are based off of Nightstalkers from Fallout: New Vegas
  • Their creation in Hippocratic Research is similar to their creation in the Fallout: New Vegas Expansion, Old World Blues.
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