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Nova Rage
Title Star Paladin
Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Faction/Role Steel Rangers

Nova Rage is an earth pony mare and a member of the Steel Rangers.


Present Day[]

She is a Steel Ranger, Star Paladin belonging to the Fillydelphia contingent of the organisation. Nova Rage was first encountered in the ruins outside Fillydelphia. She ordered an attack on Calamity who was carrying the unique Anti-Machine rifle, Spitfire's Thunder. Since she was of equal rank to SteelHooves, she halted her attack and brought Littlepip and her companions to meet the Fillydelphia contingent's elder, Blueberry Sabre.

She was involved in the Stable 2 massacre, where she killed one of the Steel Rangers who refused to kill the Stable Dwellers and had other Rangers that refused to help, locked in a separate part of the Stable, until the Stable was secured. She was killed in the eventual battle to save Stable 2 by Littlepip and her allies.



Nova Rage was quick to resort to violence to acquire technology for the Steel Rangers.