Ol' Hank
Race Robot - Mister Handy
Sex Male Personality
Status Active
Ol' Hank was a maintenance robot encountered by Blackjack below Hippocratic Research.


During the War

Hank was a routine maintenance robot that kept the floors of his level of the Project Chimera labs clean. He remained shielded from the Megaspell Fallout due to being underground.

Present Day

Hank continued to follow his maintenance procedures, cleaning, ploishing and fixing things alongside three other maintenance robots. Hank is the last of these robots, his sensors detected Blackjack prompting him to investigate. He finds Blackjack in a collapsed elevator shaft and carries her to safety, chatting away with Blackjack. His calm and friendly persona was suppressed whilst talking with Blackjack after she mentioned Goldenblood, causing him to attack Blackjack.

She managed to get the upper hoof and disable Hank.



Ol' Hank is a Mister Handy robot with a spherical body, three camera like eyes on stalks and multiple limbs, designed to perform specific tasks or be used in self-defence or attacking others.


Hanks spoke with a drawl and accent, cutting words like Old down to Ol'. He was fairly friendly with Blackjack and happily saved her from falling and also commented on numerous little worries he had, such as confusing orders he was recieving.


Ol' Hank is equipped with a claw arm for grasping objects, a blow torch arm and a rotary saw.

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