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Old Olneigh is a wartime settlement that was built near the old home of the Diamond Dogs, Splendid Valley.


During the War

Miners who lived in the town mined gems from Splendid Valley to help the Equestrian War effort. The local hospital was also used to store impure drums of Impelled Metamorphosis Potion. The town ran into problems mining Splendid Valley when the local Diamond Dogs tried resisting them, causing the Equestrian government to forcefully relocate the dogs.

Present Day

The town has become a den for hostile hellhounds that occupy the pre-war ruins by the dozen. This made the settlement an ideal test site for the Enclave that was experimenting on frequencies that could be used to subdue and command hellhounds. The hellhounds were aggravated by the Enclave and slaughtered an Enclave science team. The local hospital is also filled with hideous, gaseous abominations called Hospital Horrors. These creatures were created by taint exposure, turning patients and hospital staff into monstrosities.

Littlepip and her group passed through the ruins, accessing the Enclave camp/terminal which accidentally sent the hellhounds into a murderous rage, splitting the group up in the process. Xenith and Littlepip hid from the hellhounds in the hospital and almost got captured and killed by Hospital Horrors.

Notes & Trivia

  • Old Olneigh is based on the town of Old Olney from Fallout 3.
  • Old Olneigh/Old Olney were infested by Hellhounds/Deathclaws.
  • Old Olneigh was one of the places, besides Maripony, where Hellhounds were found in greater numbers.