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The door out of Stable Two was closed and sealed. Only the Overmare knew the secrets to opening it, assuming it even could open.
– Littlepip's Monologue
Chapter 1

An Overmare (or Overstallion in some cases) is the leader of a Stable-Tec Stable. The Overmares were often aware of the Stables being an experiment and helped coordinate it. The purpose and appointment of an Overmare varied depending on the Stable.

Most notable among the Overmares is Sweetie Belle, who served as the first Overmare of Stable 2.

Known Overmares/Overstallions[]

In Other Stories[]

Project Horizons[]

  • Stable 99 Overmare - allowed Deus access to Stable 99, when she felt her reign/control over the stable was slipping.
  • Farsight - Overmare of Stable 96 (located inside the Shadowbolt Tower).


  • Brightest Future - Overmare of Unmarked Stable. Her companion A.I. Wave, went corrupt and took over the stable, killing most of the population, including the Overmare.

New Beginnings[]

  • Stable 66 Overmare - used cybernetic implants to try and take total control of the stable dwellers. Turned the ponies inside into a hive-mind whose goal was survival and expansion.

Morality of Property[]

  • Shimmercoat - He was the Overstallion of Stable 11. Broke the traditional cycle of sacrifices by using captured wastelanders.


  • Stable 17 Overmare & Overstallion - Stable 17 had a pair of ponies managing the stable, instead of a solitary leader.

Broken Steel[]

  • Blueberry Muffin - first Overmare of Stable 88. Her descendant, another Blueberry Muffin was also Overmare.

Old Souls[]

  • Overmare of Stable 69 (probably Stable 61?) - a pegasus who exiles Snowflake for uncovering a relic of 'Old Equestria', which is against the Stable laws. Described as having more of a winning smile than a beautiful one.


  • Sweet Cheeks - both the Overmare and the hotel manager of Stable 75 in Stable Town.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Overmare is a reference to the Overseer, the leader of a Vault in the Fallout universe.