Owl-bots are small, fast moving robots, similar to Sprite-bot's in terms of size, speed and weaponry. Owl-bots as their name suggests, are built to look like robotic owls. They usually act as assistants or in some cases, bodyguards to their masters.

Owl-bots have integrated magical energy rays built into their beaks.


Fallout Equestria

An unnamed merchant just outside Fetlock, at Trixie's Cottage had an Owl-bot named Gearwing, which he used for protection.

Several owl-bots guard the interior of the Ministry of Morale Manehattan hub.

Project Horizons

An Owl-bot was found inside Tenpony Tower's library, acting as an assistant and librarian. The robot guided Blackjack  to a book on magic, that she could study, in hopes of restoring her magic.

The Ditzy Doo Chronicles

A uniquely named Owl-bot called Gearwing, belonged to Ditzy Doo and May's friend Gizmo. The Owl-bot had a magical energy weapon, hidden inside its beak and an EFS, able to detect nearby hostiles and non-hostiles. The Owl-bot was damaged during Gizmo, May and Ditzy's mission to rescue the inhabitants of Stable 67 from a group of bandits. Though Gizmo remarked that he would be able to fix Gearwing easily. It is possible this is the same Gearwing that came into the possession of the merchant at Trixie's cottage, during Littlepip's adventure.

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