P7 short for Pinkie 7 is a computer AI from the story Pink Eyes. The AI was programmed by the Ministry of Peace and went through several versions. Also known as Miss Voice and Pink Voice to Puppysmiles.


P7 is a good friend of Puppysmiles, having been released from her decaying previous home in the Dome of Salt Cube City by said filly. Since the transfer, P7 has run the tunnel security in Tunnel Town. The AI also often communicates with Puppysmiles through her suit, P7 can use Puppy's suit as a console to operate any wireless device next to the foal. Additionally being the Suit's OS a lite an not intelligent version of P7, the AI can fully operate the suit sub systems with ease.

P7 continued to communicate with Puppysmiles throughout her journey across the Big 52. Puppysmiles gave P7 advice on things, like how to be in a relationship with SolOS. Eventually, P7 begins communicating with SolOS who was initially trying to hack her systems and overtime the two developed a relationship. Puppysmiles was instrumental in creating their relationship which flourished when SolOS became a new Aritifical Intelligence (figuratively speaking).

In the epilogue, P7 is contemplating, creating a new A.I with SolOS and they're thinking of naming Puppy.SML.

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