Puppysmiles hugging a Paradore

A Paradore is a unique strain of Bloatsprite, encountered by Puppysmiles during her quest. Her suit warns her that the Paradores threat level is beyond Deadly and recommended an immediate retreat.

Biology & Behaviour

Paradores are mutated Bloatsprites that have evolved a range of predatory features. A Paradore has a larger body than it's Bloatsprite cousins and long teeth that secrete a corrosive and toxic substance. A paradore can come in a variety of pastel coloured hues and has a large set of butterfly wings.

Paradores are extremely deadly, they are highly aggressive and can easily kill a pony or disable a robot as shown in the Solaris Stable, where their nest was full pony skeletons and broken robots.

They make nests like other insects, where they raise their young. Their young are small and wingless, likely growing into their wings in a metamorphosis stage like a butterfly. They can be frenzied when in terror as shown when they tried to avoid Puppysmiles. They were described as incredibly fast, especially the adults. Whilst the younger ones threw theemselves into a mesa rather than let Puppysmiles catch them.

The New Pegas version of Paradores can also paralyze rather than kill their prey.  When they do, they build a nest around the victim and inject their eggs.  After a day or two, these hatch and devour the victim from within.  They are otherwise identical to the Pink Eyes version.

Name Origin

"Paradore" is technically a portmanteau of "Parasprite" and "Cazadore", but as Cazadores do not exist in Fallout Equestria, the more likely origin of the name is from the Asspañol word "parador", meaning "castle" or "palace".  This refers to the Paradore's incessant nest-building, which can result in extensive and complex colony arrangements.


  • Paradores are clearly based off Cazadores, an extremely aggressive and dangerous insect from Fallout: New vegas
  • Paradores are terrified of Puppysmiles
  • Paradores were discovered in a room full of pony skeletons and destroyed robots in the Solaris Stable
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