Patch is one of the main protagonists of the Fallout Equestria sidefic "Starlight ". Patch is an ex-NCR Security Officer who joins the group in Fillydelphia.

Patch is introduced in Chapter 5 "A Dash of Chaos".


Patch is first introduced when she is working for the New Canterlot Republic at a hotel that serves as a base for the faction in Fillydelphia. Patch joins up with the group after being assigned to assist Star and company with an attack on a raider camp. During the ensuing fight, Patch loses her right eye, and is discharged from service. She is currently in an intimate relationship with Steeljack. Patch used to be a Security Officer in a Stable, having grown up under a mother who wanted her to go into Security work as opposed to being a seamstress like her cutie mark implied.



Patch is a green earth pony with a dark blue mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a silver needle with blue thread going through its eyelet.


Patch is a fun-loving mare, and is very free spirited. Despite her injury, she remains positive and open to every possibility. She is fiercely protective of Steeljack and does everything she can to help him when he's captured by the Cowpones.


Patch is an expert sniper and is highly proficient with most heavy rifles despite her size and her disability. Patch's skill with firearms extends to her cutie mark, since she is highly capable of rebuilding weaponry. To this end, Patch crafts her own unique weapon from parts acquired during the group's time in Chicacolt. In the end, Patch creates a sniper rifle called Para Bellum. The rifle has a special bit firing mechanism that allows Patch to stand upright to fire the weapon.

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