This is a list of Perks that Mach acquires in Fallout: Equestria - Outlaw.

Mach's Perks

Chapter Level Name Description
 1 1


At night, you gain +1 to your Perception stat.
2 2 Aggressive Negotiator You're tired of being discriminated against and pushed around! In certain situations, you are granted unique dialogue options to convince people that you are now an independent contractor and no longer beholden to any one faction.
3 3 Laser Surgeon You gain +25% accuracy in S.A.T.S. with energy weapons.
4 4 Run and Gun Your accuracy with firearms is no longer penalized by moving.
4 4 Companion Perk: Wrench Jockey Tech-savvy unicorn combat engineer Greaser has joined the party! With her expertise, you gain a +15 point bonus to repair and discover more crafting materials than normal within containers.
5 5 Heat Sink Your energy weapons heat up half as quick as before, effectively doubling your magazine capacity.
6 6 Tenacity The brutal assaults on your body have made you that much tougher. When your HP drops below 25%, your DR doubles.
7 7 Enhanced Bone Weave You gain +1 to your Endurance stat and a fifty percent resistance to crippling injury.
8 8 Liquid Courage When under the effects of alcohol, you gain +10 to your Speech and Barter skills.
9 9 Speed Demon What a rush! Upon consumption, chems such as Dash have twice the effect on you; however, when not under their influence, you suffer the symptoms of withdrawal, even if not addicted.
10 10 Pulse Power You’ve really learned your stuff! Studying up on the how-to behind pulse weapon technology has greatly increased your proficiency with this little-known weapon type. You deal ten percent more damage with all pulse weaponry.
10 10 Companion Perk: Pain Train Griffon talon Krieg Razorbeak joins the party! When entering S.A.T.S., you may queue up your companion for one close-range melee attack free of AP cost in addition to your own attacks.
11 11 Hippologist That creepy ritual had a profound effect on you. As a result, you now have a greater understanding of all the pony races, and are granted a +10% damage bonus against everypony, pegasi included.
12 12 Bloodthirsty Vengeance The ponies you once stood beside, fought beside, and lived beside have declared you unworthy to live. Your rage knows no bounds and you fly into an uncontrollable frenzy whenever you see one of your former compatriots. You gain +2 Strength and a 5% damage increase when fighting members of the Enclave.
13 13 Purifying Ice Something about the radiation given off by that chip of ice fundamentally changed you. As a result, the radiation in contaminated water no longer has any effect on you.
14 14 Epic Lineage Oh, that's right! You've got the blood of one of the most famous flyers in Equestria running through your veins! You remember your ancestor and gain confidence and inspiration from that fact, adding +1 to Agility and Charisma.
15 15 Wasp Whisperer Afraid of those pesky wasps? Worry no longer! After a little careful research and application of the proper pheromones, all Radwasps will now ignore you unless deliberately provoked.
16 16 A Mile in my Horseshoes Through an unexpected turn of events, you've experienced what it's like to be a unicorn, gaining an intimate understanding of them in the process. While fighting unicorns, your chances to hit individual body parts in S.A.T.S. are increased by 10%.
17 17 Clean Sheet You've cleared your name; with the inhabitants of the Wasteland, at least. You gain +5 to speech and a discount when purchasing items from Wasteland merchants.
18 18 Chrome Dome  Who needs a helmet? That fancy metal plate ain't just for show. Damage done to your head is effectively halved.
18 18 Quest Perk: Marked Pony You've got three days to live, make the best of them. During this period you gain a temporary +1 bonus to Perception and Agility.
19 19 Necessity is the Mother of... Desperation You've lost your preferred weapon, and have no suitable replacement; better step it up and use that Energy Weapons training! All damage done with energy weapons is increased by 5 percent to compensate.
20 20 Shoulder Pony Having a bit of internal conflict, are we? When presented with a moral choice, neutral options are eliminated and you are restricted to positive or negative karma choices. Choose wisely, as while positive karma choices reward half as much karma, negative karma choices reward twice as much.
21 20 Quest Perk: Power Armor Training How many times have you wound up in a hospital bed, again? Trade in that tattered rag for some steel- you've upgraded to power armor and gain a 40 point bonus to DR.
23 20 Companion Perk: Recon Team Ghostrider You've reunited with the scout from your old squad, and with her advice you gain a bonus of +10 to your Sneak skill, as well as a 5% increase to accuracy on targets greater than 50 meters away.
25 20 Quest Perk: Daddy's Little Girl You, a dad? Who'd have thought? You've got a defenseless little girl to look after now, and nopony hurts your little girl. You gain a bonus of +1 STR and END while Andromeda is present.
25 20 Quest Perk: Tainted You're not entirely sure what the hell that Modified I.M.P. did to you, but it can't be good. Keep an eye out for any abnormal growths and be sure to report them to your physician immediately!
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