Puppysmiles's perks

Puppysmiles starts as a monster, so she doesn't acquire levels from the very beginning. These are the perks that she has acquired over the course of Pink Eyes.

Chapter Level Name Description
2 Quest lvling is mandatory now you can gain lvls! Yay!
3 2 Little Leaguer You gain a +5% in throwing, melee and unarmed combat.
4 3 Intense training Charisma (7 -> 8) now you are 14.28% cooler
5 4 Heave Ho! You’re becoming a pro at throwing things. Every object you throw flies farther and faster.
6 5 Intense Training (2) Strength (5 -> 6) You can has a lotta stuff in your bags!
7 6 Hard Rock! Okay you got a rock, now show us how bad you are with it. When using rocks, you ignore an additional 10 points of a target’s damage threshold
8 7 The power of metal There are moments when rock is not enough. You inflict 5 additional damage with HtH attacks (yeah, rocks and power hooves are considered HtH weapons)
8 Quest Spirit of 52 Your legend is growing: you will have less low level random hostile encounters as long as your standing with all the tribes is at least neutral.
9 8 Pack Rat Wait a moment I think I have that! Carry weight is increased by 50 lbs.
9 Quest Walking nightmare (rank 1) there’s something more than simple purpose in the way you keep pursuing your goals; you are now highly resistant to EMP grenades.
10 9 Whining Presence You can whine your way out of almost every situation. During certain encounters you gain special dialogue options that let you avoid combat, but you’ll lose reputation.
11 10 Finesse No puppy, not there, please! +5% critical chance
12 11 Stonewall You are much less likely to be knocked down in combat
12 Quest Trotting nightmare (rank 2) You have seen the darkness beyond the moon; now you can shape the toxic cloud surrounding you.
13 12 Little Scoundrel No Puppy, give it back! You are less likely to get caught when stealing, in addition you can access to NPC’s inventory during dialogues if you are facing them.
14 13 Specialized Loyalty No Puppy, you’re doing it wrong! Here, let me help... With this perk, you will be capable of using the explosives, lockpick, medicine, repair, science, and survival score of a present ally instead of yours in skill checks. In addition, the presence of certain allies during encounters will provide additional dialogue options.
15 14 Boisterous Incompetence Yeah, don’t worry I know exactly what I’am d-BOOM! During dialogues or skill tests, if your skill is less than half the required score for succeeding in the feat, you get special dialogue options that have a 50% chance of success. Beware, if you fail this test, the results will be way worse than a usual faliure.
16 15 Hit the deck What the fuck!? I was sure I hit her! Your Damage Threshold against explosives is raised by 25; enjoy tossing grenades on your feet.
17 16 Yellow Dash Run Puppy, run! When wearing light or no armor, like (duh) a MK VI full environmental suit, you move 10% faster. Don’t rejoice, you got spanked all the same.
17 Quest Get Wild You are now a member of the Wild Herd. Your standing with the Wild Herd is set to neutral.
18 17 Clockwork Heart For some reason, you understand Artificial Intelligences better than they do themselves. You get a +10 to speech when dealing with A.I.s and some new dialogue options.
18 Quest Get Lost You are now a member of the Lost Herd. Your standing with the Lost Herd is set to worshipped. Are you planning to stop changing faction any time soon!?
19 18 Here and now! You gain a level, because stuff.
19 19 Concentrated Fire When in S.A.T.S. you get a cumulative 5% bonus in accuracy when aiming more than one shot at the same body part of a target... Well, what did you expect? Puppy was so depressed that she picked a random perk. She doesn’t even have S.A.T.S.!
19 Quest Galloping Nightmare (Rank 3) Yay, now you are Nightmare incarnated. This could give you some issues with social life. Oh, and your standing towards every faction is set to hostile. On the bright side, we won’t list all the bonuses you get since it would take too long.
20 Quest Filly Luck[1] Requirements: Level 8, Minimum Luck of 7. “Alright, we were just surrounded, okay? And the droids were all over the place, okay? And we got, like, five shots left, okay? Then all of a sudden, we hear a ruckus from downstairs and the next thing we know is that half the robots were brutally demolished piece by piece by Celestia-knows-who! With a stone! Real story, man, honest!” Occasionally, when facing robots or feral ghouls, you could find some groups of them already dead, brutally killed with a stone. Go Puppy!
  1. Puppysmiles becomes the last perk rather than acquiring it. She serves as a guardian for the character, similarly to Fallout's Mysterious Stranger.
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