Pineapple Calzone, formally known as Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, was introduced in Audio Log #000: Alert the Ministry of Morale, is the main character of Hold the Pineapple, the 3rd story of the Audio Files Series.

Pineapple Calzone
Full Name Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (Formally)

Pineapple Calzone

Race Earth pony
Sex male
Faction/Role Calzone Crime Family
Family Pumpkin Cake (distant cousin), Poundcake (distant cousin), Mr. Cake (distant cousin), Mrs. Cake (distant cousin)
Status Alive



Met Veggie Calzone, fell in love and married. He was convinced to change his name from Upside-Down Cake to Calzone. Then found out about her family and freaked...eventually going to the MoM when he assumed it was the Calzones who gave it to the zebras.




Veggie Calzone

His wife.

Three Cheese Calzone

His father-in-law and in some cases boss.

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