The Ponyville Library is a notable location in Ponyville, appearing in Fallout: Equestria.



The Ponyville Library was set in a hollowed-out (probably magically grown) large tree, with two balconies, one at the top and another on the side. There is a main reading room, an upstairs living room and a basement. Above the doorway is a hanging sign with a lit candle depicted on it.

Post-War and Modern Day

The Library had been taken over by raiders, and has been internally graffitied with bodily fluids and dismembered pony parts (as per normal raider decor designs). The south side of the library has been scorched black and had died, while the other side has few leaves on it's remaining branches. In the Epilogue, set 10 years after the events of the story, the Ponyville Library (along with the majority of Ponyville itself) became a settlement for the Hellhounds.

Notable residents



  • A group of raiders
  • Hellhounds (Epilogue)
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