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Poppyseed is a Steel Ranger, originally part of the Fillydelphia contingent.


Present Day

Knight Poppyseed was stationed in Fillydelphia. She first meets Littlepip and her group when Littlepip's group entered the Fillydelphia Ranger's territory. She escorted the group to the Fillydelphia headquarters alongside Star Paladain Crossroads, she expressed a desire to follow Steelhooves and a dissappointment that he didn't become the Elder of the Manehatten contingent.

Poppyseed along with the rest of the Fillydelphia contingent were supposed to attack Stable 2, but she refused. Several other rangers also refused and they were sealed away in another part of the stable, whilst the Fillydelphia contingent tried to wipe out the stable dwellers. She was released and joined the Applejack's Rangers when Littlepip and her friends rescued her and the other rangers. She also took part in the final battle, raging across parts of Equestria.