Posters are images, meant to inspire, advertise products or inform the ponies of Equestria. They are plastered onto walls and various other structures throughout Equestria. Many of these were printed by the Ministry of Image in support of the other ministries goals. Many of these posters survived the Megaspell fallout, albeit the colors have faded due to exposure to the elements. 

List of PostersEdit

Several posters adorn the walls of post-megaspell Equestria.

Description Location Ministry Citation
"Reading is Magic" Ponyville Library Chapter 3
"The most beautiful ponies have beautiful minds"
"Better Wiped than Striped! Join the Equestrian Forces Today!" Ironshod Firearms, Ponyville Chapter 4
"You don't need to be a Steel Ranger to be a Hero! Join the Ministry of Peace today!" Clinic, New Appleloosa Ministry of Peace Chapter 5
Mighty stallion facing danger (a leaky sink,) protecting three helpless mares. Part of the gender-role social project. Store room, Stable 24 Stable-Tec Chapter 5
"You too can be a Steel Ranger!" Raider town, Pie Farm Vicinity Chapter 10
"Here. we teach those poor ponies who have lost their way how to reconnect with ponykind!" Shattered Hoof Re-Educational Stockyard Ministry of Morale
"It's not long before our guests find themselves taking pride in good, hard work that supports the war effort!"
“Everything the Grand Galloping Gala should have been! Every day! Forever!” Steel Hooves Shack Ministry of Morale Chapter ?
“PROGRESS” Ministry of Image Hub, Fillydelphia branch Ministry of Wartime Technology Chapter 25
“REMEMBER: We are all in this together! Care for one another.” RedEye's Fillydelphia residence Ministry of Peace Chapter 26
“Remember what Separates Ponies from Zebras Not Stripes. Not Cutie Marks. But What is Inside THERE IS GOOD IN ALL OF US!” Arbu Not Ministry made Chapter 34
A young filly protects her family with a shield spell as a zebra lowers a stick of dynamite towards her from a fishing pole Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns Chapter 37