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Well, look who we 'ave here! If it ain't my little brony!
– Pride to Calamity
Chapter 39

Pride by geekladd-d69qfl0
Pride in Power Armor.
~ DAfavicon GeekLadd
Race Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Grand Pegasus Enclave
Family Calamity - Brother

Autumn Leaf - Brother

Windsheer - Brother

Pride is a minor character in Fallout: Equestria.


Pride is an Enclave pegasus stallion and one of Calamity's older brothers. It is revealed in Chapter 39, that Pride is the pegasus who literally branded Calamity a Dashite, which was Prides' Rite of Passage into joining the Enclave. Although he dislikes his brother, he doesn't want to see him executed and ultimately sets him free in Chapter 39. Calamity reveals that Pride had tried out for the Enclave Military on three seperate occasions before finally being accepted. Pride is described by Red Eye as "the failure", along with "the perfect son" meaning Windsheer, "the over-achiever" meaning Autumn Leaf, and "the accident", meaning Calamity.

It is unknown what happened to Pride after the events of Operation Cauterize. Except that during the epilogue, set a decade after the events, Calamity said he would be going to Arbu (which was converted into a prison by the New Canterlot Republic) to visit "an old friend who looks a lot like me", meaning either Pride, their last-surviving brother Windsheer, or their father is imprisoned now.