Project Chimera was a program dedicated to creating biological super-soldiers. Chimera used Flux drained from Discord to facilitate the transformation of a pony into a hybrid. Many of these hybrids proved unstable and too dangerous to be put into active duty.

Surviving test subject were sealed within stasis pods, many of them being awoken after the war and employed by Sanguine as enforcers and members of the Reapers.

Project Chimera was also used in the creation of Blanks, fully grown, mass produced ponies that were used as organ donors. These Blanks lacked personality or any sense of self preservation, with a few exceptions. Most Blanks act like animals and will die from simply being unable to care for themselves. Blanks bloat up when coming in contact with Flux.

One notable Blank is Boo, named by Blackjack. She has higher-than-average intelligence for a Blank and she has higher survival instincts, detecting and hiding from danger even before Blackjack can detect it.

Known Hybrids

A list of the known hybrids created by Project Chimera:

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