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Pyrelight, perched on a statue of Sweetie Belle.
~ DAfavicon Remnantic


Pyrelight is a Balefire phoenix, and is the faithful pet and companion of Velvet Remedy: it quickly developed a bond with Velvet after she saved her from a Bloodwing attack by incinerating her (phoenixes are immune to fire). Pyrelight has been shadowing Littlepip's party for quite some time, and joined them in chapter twenty.

Through their adventures, Pyrelight has proven herself to be an irreplaceable member of the group. Thought unable to speak, she is nonetheless no less sentient than a pony. Being a phoenix, she is able to fly to areas inaccessible by the others, and was able to fly into inner Fillydelphia to accompany Littlepip.

Pyrelight is a carnivore, and does not hesitate to hunt down small animals to consume. She would even eat the very dangerous Fillydelphia parasprites. Being a creature of radiation, she can be healed by being near sources of radiation.



Pyrelight is very fond of Velvet (and is responded to in kind), and the two are very protective of each other. They would both sacrifice their lives for one another readily. During the events of Arbu, Velvet chose to save the life of Pyrelight over a raider, and it was a decision which brought her great guilt and grief. Interestingly, Pyrelight was initially also jealous for Velvet's attention, but eventually matures past that. During the course of their adventure, Pyrelight grows an affection to the other teammates as well, especially Littlepip.

Though somewhat timid as evident by her reaction to opponents like Hellhounds or Dragons, Pyrelight would fearlessly fly into battle however if the lives of her companions are threatened.


Pyrelight is described as a flash of green and gold -- a magnificent bird both terrifying and graceful with eyes which seems to glow and licks of balefire falling from her beak.

She resembles Princess Celestia's pet phoenix, Philomena so much that Fluttershy believes they are related.


Although unable to use weapons, Pyrelight is nonetheless as an extremely capable combatant, scout and support. She has saved the lives of her companions countless times, and can incinerate her opponents by engulfing them in flames. When given sources of radiation, Pyrelight grows even stronger in power.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Pyrelight is able to sing by chirping and whistling.
  • Silver Bell is extremely fond of Pyrelight, and is cheered up immensely by the sight of her.