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Qarl Death-Hoof is a minor, mentioned only character.


Qarl was the husband of Xenith and father of Xephyr. He was the chieftain of their clan, who lived a nomadic existence, preserving their lore. Qarl and his tribe encountered a group of Red Eye's slavers, Qarl died in the battle that followed whilst Xenith was taken away to be a slave and the foals left to fend for themselves.

His wife felt no sorrow over his death, as he was an abusive husband and a poor leader.

Behind the Scenes

Qarl Death-Hoof is a reference to Garl Death-Hand the ruthless leader of the Khans, a brutal group of raiders near Shady Sands, in Fallout. According to canon, he is killed by the Vault Dweller along with the rest of the Khans (with the exception of Darion). The New Khans in Fallout 2 and the Great Khans in Fallout New Vegas are descended from Garl Death Hand's group, always managing to rebuild themselves whenever their nomadic tribe faced similar fates as such from the Vault Dweller.