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Ah’ll tell ya why. Cuz radigator is good eatin’!
Radigator being bucked

A radigator being bucked by Bullet Holes (Raider and Kid).

~ DAfavicon Demon-Keychain
~ DAfavicon aFriendlyHobo

Before the Great War, alligators were reptiles that lived in Equestria. After the megaspells fell, the alligators mutated and became radigators.

A large number of radigators live in a breeding facility called 'Gummy's Retirement Hostel & Alligator Sanctuary' in Manehattan.


Radigators are large carnivorous reptiles that live in watery environments. They can be found in great numbers lounging together in their watery homes. Radigator meat is sold as a source of food, and Calamity supposedly enjoys eating them. The village, Arbu claimed to be selling radigator meat (but was far more likely to be the meat of ponies they secretly butchered).

(Project Horizons)[]

Radigators make numerous appearances in Project Horizons. Their meat is sold in riverside villages like Flotsam, alongside hopper meat. Radigators live in the waterways all over Hoofington and they were reported as living in a pond/river within Everfree by two victims of Killing Joke who became Seaponies.

(Raider and Kid)[]

A radigator once tried to eat Slug, but he was saved by Bullet Holes.

Notable Radigators[]

Gummy was Pinkie Pie's pet alligator. It is heavily hinted that the giant toothless radigator living in Arbu's radigator breeding facility is none other than Gummy himself, considering the name 'Gummy’s Retirement Hostel & Alligator Sanctuary', the fact the radigator is toothless (like Gummy), and lastly the size of the giant radigator indicating that it had survived for an extremely long time. It was finally revealed by Fluttershy during the Afterword that the Radigator was indeed Gummy.