A Radroach is a type of mutated insect, found throughout Equestria. When the megaspells fell they mutated and grew in size. Compared to other wasteland wildlife, they're barely considered a real threat, but they will not hesitate to attack a pony, especially in large numbers.

~ DAfavicon.png Cazra

Radroaches continue to act like pests, much like their pre-war counterparts. They are usually found in great abundance, hiding in old pre-war ruins. They are fairly easy to kill, a pony can kill one just by stomping on it with their hooves.

In Other Stories

Project Horizons

It is mentioned that they are kept at bay in Tenpony Tower, by a special Talisman, called a pesticide Talisman.

The Ditzy Doo Chronicles

Ditzy Doo notes on occassion, that Radroaches don't bother ghouls, mainly due to their already rotted flesh.


They were seen in various abandoned buildings in New Hampshore by Zero's fellow teammate, Carbon Monoxide, who made easy work at killing a fairly large number of Radroaches, but also covering himself in Radroach filth in the process.


  • Due to their relatively high numbers in abandoned buildings, Littlepip mistook a Hospital full of Hospital Horrors as being full of Radroaches.
  • A Pesticide Talisman will prevent Radroaches from entering or breeding inside a building. (Project Horizons)
  • Are the least mutated insects featured in the series and side stories.
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