A pair of Radwasps attacking Mach and his party within an abandoned movie theater.
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Radwasps are a dangerous species of mutated insects that populate the wasteland, particularly around the Buckston region.


Radwasps are a dangerous species of giant insects that populate the wasteland. They grow to be as large as a pony if not bigger. They are extremely dangerous given that their stings have acidic enzymes that can eat through many materials including power armor. The wasps have a hierarchy with a queen leading them and being mother to the hive and the rest of the hive being smaller worker drones and soldiers.

Mach encountered two nests of Radwasps, the first was located in the Buckston Mall but he managed to avoid any contact with the hive and fled before he and Greaser were discovered. Another nest was discovered by Mach, Razorbeak and Greaser when they were looking for a missing Steel Ranger patrol. The radwasps managed to kill the Steel Rangers but their nest was killed off by the rangers superior firepower.

Mach and his group had to return to the hive in the mall to capture the nest's queen. Li’l Wallaby and the rest of the group's weaponry managed to hold off the hive before they managed to incapacitate and capture the queen. The Radwasp queen was delivered to the Steel Ranger base where they created a pheromone that will cause Radwasps to ignore ponies and not see them as prey.



Radwasps appear like giant wasps that vary in size, depending on their caste.


Radwasps are carnivorous creatures that build their hardened nests inside safe locations such as caves or abandoned pre-war structures. Radwasps identify friendly targets via their pheromones and attack using their sharp mandibles and their acidic stings. Their wings allow them to fly and they can crawl along walls and rooftops. The acid they create can burn through numerous materials, including Steel Ranger power armor, but cannot dissolve certain forms of plastic.


  • They have a caste-like hierarchy like Giant Ants.
  • Mach has a severe fear of insects, particularly wasps
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