Race Griffin
Sex Female
Faction/Role Red Eye's Army
Status Alive

Ragini is a griffin Talon under the employ of Red Eye and is the personal bodyguard and aide of the slaver, Protégé. She is a trusted member of Protégé's inner circle.


Present Day

Ragini was the one who was ordered to specifically incapacitate Murky Number Seven when he tried to escape Fillydelphia. She shot him at a specific point so the bullet passed through, stopping but not killing Murky. She later escorts Murky to meet with Protégé where it is explained, why she only injured him.

Ragini is one of Protégé's most trusted slavers, easily capable of watching over more dangerous slaves like the raider slaves held in the Fillydelphia Mall. She was part of the strike force Protégé assembled to retake the mall from the raiders, during Barb's raider revolt. She was captured by the raiders and had her wings torn off, she was rescued by Stern when she recieved the signal to move in. Ragini has since been recovering and was mentioned by Chainlink Shackles as staying uninvolved in the politics between the slave masters, making her unlikely to speak of what happened to Protégé in the mall or of Shackle's betrayal of him.



Ragini is a large female griffin described as all black.


Ragini is a loyal and seldom spoken griffin. She is a skilled and trusted overseer, able to manage the more unruly and independent raider slaves that live in the mall. She has shown a dislike of Murky and Pegasi in general. 


She is an excellent marksman, able to make precise, non-lethal shots on moving targets. She is also especially lethal in ranged combat and proved this numerous times during the Raider revolt in the mall.

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