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Hold his leg out. I’m gonna shoot his hooves off!
– One raider to another
Chapter 2
Raiders by cazra

Raiders are a sadistic variety of ponies that have succumbed to the harsh nature of the Wasteland. They are almost always violent and aggressive to civilized settlements, prone to unprovoked violence and wonton assault, and typically act hedonistically and with little sense of conscience. They populate nearly every part of the Equestrian Wasteland in some shape or form.

Many raiders are unaffiliated to particular factions, working mostly in small unorganized groups. However, many raiders will band together to form large gangs, controlling territory and attacking settlements en masse.



A very pissed Velvet Remedy about to kill a Raider.

Gangs are large organized groups of raiders who operate as a team. Several such gangs populate the Wasteland.

Shattered Hoof Raiders[]

The Shattered Hoof Raiders are descended from the ponies left inside of the Shattered Hoof Re-education Facility during the last day of the war.

After many generations, these raiders have become far more organized than other raiders, having turned Shattered Hoof into a well-defended fortress and claiming control of the surrounding territory. They were led by Deadeyes, who in turn was answering to the whims of Mister Topaz.

Both were eventually killed by Littlepip and her party in a coup organized by the griffon, Gawdyna Grimfeathers of the Gawd's Talon Mercenaries. The remaining Shattered Hoof Raiders were reorganized under Gawdyna, who took control of Shattered Hoof with the intention of slowly morphing it into a civilized settlement, with the former Raiders its defenders. One of these former Raiders, Stiletto  was seen working as a guard in New Appleloosa several days after the coup.

Over a month later, after The Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, Shattered Hoof became the new home of the displaced residents of Stable 2, and further years under the administration of Velvet Remedy turned it into New Canterlot, the capital of the New Canterlot Republic.

Gangs in Side Stories
Warning! The following information applies only to its associated side story, and is thus considered non-canon in the Fallout: Equestria universe.