Rain Runner
Rain Runner 2
The most awesome Pony in the Wasteland.
Full Name Rain Runner
Title None
alias None
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Rain's Group
Family Rainbow Dash (Mother)

Father Unknown

Status Alive
Was any of my life even real?
– Rain Runner
Rain Runner was the genetically engineered daughter of Rainbow Dash created by Project Legacy, and the narrator of Fallout Equestria: Hidden Legacy.


Conception and Childhood

Rain Runner was the first Pony created for Project Legacy after Rainbow Dash donated her eggs to the Project. Rain was the first success of the project after they had perfected the process of magical conception.

After the Last Day, Rain and the rest of the ponies created by the project where placed in magical stasis in Stable 112 and entered a magic induced virtual simulation of Ponyville before the war. During this period she was raised by Rainbow Dash as if she had a normal foalhood.

Awakening in the Stable

210 years after the Last Day, Rain's stasis pod opened up and she was the final Pony created by Project Legacy to leave Stable 112. In the Stable she was given a PipBuck Delta and a pistol called Lightning Dash.

Upon leaving the Stable, she was taken to Maresprings, a nearby town that helped her get acclimated to the Wasteland around her. She killed two ponies from New Pegasus, and was then directed towards New Pegasus itself, where the previous Pony to leave the stable was.


When Rain reached Fillytown, she ran into Fluttershy who was visiting the town to work with the Followers of the Apocalypse who had a base there. She learned more about the reasons behind why the Ministry Mares had agreed to Project Legacy, and was told more about her mother's life during the war by Fluttershy.

She also met with a gang called the Raras who gave her a way into New Pegasus, if they did a job for them of course.

New Pegasus

In New Pegasus, Rain found her way to the Tartarus Gate Casino where she found a dragon named Vice. She worked with a low level Omaretas gangster pony named Bluejay to get Vice freed, but in the process she found out that Project Legacy was still active in New Pegasus.

She also met up with Wind Rider, the disgraced Wonderbolt who now runs New Pegasus.

She finally found Crystal, who was in debt to the Chairponies and working as a singer in the Aces Lounge in the Double Diamond Casino.


Rain is similar to Rainbow Dash in some aspects, but she will think ahead when she has the time, but most of the time she runs head long into combat.


  • Despite the fact that the location is based on Fallout: New Vegas, Rain Runner is much more based on the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4.
  • Rain can't fly at the beginning of the story because of a magical problem, similar to Scootaloo in other stories by the same author.
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