Raptor City is a settlement comprised of the downed Raptors that attacked Friendship City. This city appears in the side fiction story Fallout Equestria: Aurora


Built within the ruins of a downed Raptor the inhabitants of this settlement seek shelter from those who would threaten them. Enclave weapons though do add a bit of heft to defense forces and the city quickly formed its own private militia to protect itself and several locations of interest. With a patched together cloud ship hovering over the ruins for protection and to deter all but the largest threats the ponies who live here do so in relative security. The shell of the large vessel protecting the citizens from the harshness of the environment. And a strong military presence keeping peace and order within.


A fairly recent settlement in the wasteland. Raptor was founded shortly after the destruction of Friendship City as a home for the city's survivors and numerous defected enclave personnel. Of the three Raptors downed in the attack two sustained moderate damage while the third seems to have been blow apart internally by an explosion of some sort.

Enclave defectors working hoof-in-hoof with survivors were able to salvage enough parts to get one raptor just barely flight capable. The other raptor was stripped for parts and gutted, becoming the home to many of the ponies and earning the settlement the name Raptor City. Raptor City has declared its intent to function as a 'safe city' for enclave defectors and welcomes all the pony races and the occasional zebra to share in the safety of this well guarded, if slightly off kilter, settlement.

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