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Raspberry Tart
Rapberry Tart.png
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Friendship City


Status Alive

Raspberry Tart was an unusually obese earth pony, living in Friendship City .



Not much is known about her background, other than she acquired a cyberpony bodyguard named Gizmo at an earlier point in her life.

Present Day

Raspberry Tart is a untrustworthy mare by reputation, known for being into illegal dealings. Littlepip initially tried to find evidence that Raspberry was in communication with the Enclave, but the obese mare suspected a ruse and ordered Gizmo to attack. Littlepip manages to kill Gizmo and whilst not getting a confession out of Raspberry, she does manage to get her to unwittingly incriminate herself.

It was revealed that Raspberry Tart was in communication with the Enclave and was prepared to let them into Friendship City, preventing the locals from defending themselves. She escaped Friendship City on a boat.



She was a notably obese, earth pony mare. Notable due to how thin ponies in the post war era normally are.


She was an extremely cautious pony, especially when dealing with new ponies. She is also somewhat callous, seemingly uncaring at Gizmo's death or the death that would ensue by letting the Enclave attack the unprepared Friendship City. She had an overly charismatic smile, a slimy voice, and was very proficient at manipulating other ponies and covering up her crimes.

Behind the scenes

Along with her bodyguard, Gizmo, she is a reference to Gizmo of Fallout, the obese, corrupt owner of a casino in Junktown.