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A Memory Recollector is a device invented during the war, it was most likely a joint project between the Ministry of Morale, the Ministry of Technology and the Ministry of Arcane Sciences, like Sprite-bots.

Memory Recollectors were primarily used for recording events, they could be used to create memory orbs by non-unicorns, such as earth ponies or dragons.


  • It can fulfill the process of live-recording a memory of the person wearing it, including how the person was physically feeling at the time,
  • It can be used by Ponies and non-ponies to view memory orbs,
  • It is possible to extract memories from ponies by force.


Pinkie's ministry was famous for forcibly extracting memories, in an attempt to make Ponies into better and happier ponies. They were frequently used on criminals, dissenters, and Zebra sympathizers within Equestria.

Black Opals were designed to record memories from Memory Recollectors exclusively.

In Other Stories

Project Horizons

Deus wore a Memory Recollector to record a message for Blackjack in case he died. Blackjack was able to experience the physical agony, being alive was for Deus. The Location of the Recollector afterwards is unknown, likely it was stolen by the fleeing remnants of Deus's attack force and the Pecos. A functioning Recollector is later found amongst the effects of Prince Vanity at the Miramare base (supposedly due to the amount of memory alteration he had to perform on the Pegasus Jetstream), which Lacunae uses to send Scotch Tape into a memory orb when she cannot be put under for an operation. Blackjack would later give the Recollector to Rampage to review the memories she extracted from the souls within the Phoenix Talisman.

Tales of a Courier

Clover recovers a gauntlet that is a portable Recollector for use by non-unicorn ponies.


Sleet Gray finds a Recollector locked away in a wall safe at the M.o.M Hub in Quebuck.