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The Recreational Pinkbot Mark II Prototype was a robot designed to hold parties and provide and oversee recreational activities.


The robots were likely designed to replace the Mark I Pinkbots, and were still in the prototype stage before the megaspells fell. One of these robots ended up on Route 52 in what would become the Redtrotter tribe's territory. This Pinkbot appeared to be malfunctioning as it forced ponies to attend its parties in a Ministry of Morale hub built into an old barn with a sentry turret.

The Pinkbot would go out and bring a filly to the barn which came to be known as The Carnival. The Pinkbot was feared by the Redtrotters as it had been stealing their children for years. The barn had a high concentration of radiation which might have contributed to the robots malfunction.

Once it had brought a pony to the Carnival, it would force its victim eat cake or play games. The radiation would eventually kill the pony attending the carnival and the Pinkbot would seek out another victim. The robot was destroyed by Puppysmiles, resulting in the collapse of the barn.

Features and Appearance

The Pinkbot was built to resemble Pinkie Pie. It was pink with a permanent smile on its face. Its eyes flashed blue whenever it spoke.

The robot spoke in a very friendly manner and lured ponies to its parties. It moved on a set of treaded wheels, like a protectapony. It could connect with a series of turrets built around the barn, which prevented any rescue attempts. The barn it was operating out of was filled with toxins which it used to weaken its prisoners and prevent them from leaving, most notably nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

The robot had a talisman powering it, and exploded when the talisman was damaged by Puppysmiles.


  • Had a fairly intelligent, if damaged A.I..
  • Could command sentry turrets.