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Red Glare is a pegasus officer in the Grand Pegasus Enclave.



Red Glare is an enclave officer who was the subordinate to Commander Winter Sky. She helped command the Raptor cloudship, Nimbostratus.

Present Day

During Operation Cauterize, Red Glare and the Nimbostratus assaulted the settlement of New Appleloosa, due to their connections with Red Eye. Upon noticing that the settlement isn't a slaver hub as reported, but a town full of families and foals, Red Glare protests the attack, but Commander Winters insists the attack continues. Red Glare either kills or removes Winter Sky from command and takes over the Enclave forces. She claims that Winter Sky was relieved of duty and then ordered the Enclave forces to enact a shutterflight protocol i.e, withdraw from combat.



Red Glare is a competent officer who is not afraid to do what she feels is right, even if that goes against her orders. She deposed her commanding officer, either killing him or removing him from command.


Her name Red Glare, is based on the weapon of the same name from Fallout: New vegas's expansion, Lonesome Road.