Red Racer was a pre-war company in Fallout: Equestria.



Red Racer was a company owned by Scootaloo. The factory and company headquarters was located in Manehattan and was best known as a corporation centered around the production of scooters, children's wagons, and other similar toys. The factory was 12 stories tall, had a massive scooter sign on top, and was right across a back alley from Hoofbeats.

During the War

It was rumored that Red Racer was a front for various black ops projects.


The massive scooter sign on top of the factory collapsed into the 15th floor of the Ministry of Morale Manehattan Hub, forming a bridge between the two buildings. Bloodwings nested within the broken scaffolding for the sign. The interior of the building and the grounds outside were inhabited by manticores.

Modern Day

Littlepip and the gang crossed over a giant scooter that was once atop the building to get from the Ministry of Morale hub to the Red Racer factory.

Inside the factory ruins, Littlepip encountered an unnamed earth pony ghoul in a lab coat who was performing experiments on captured ponies to try to create a serum to cure taint. The prisoners were kept in cages on the factory floor and were one-by-one later brought back to the factory's on-site emergency clinic where the doctor would inject his test subjects with a serum made from taint-infused manticore venom. The experiments universally resulted in the ponies becoming horribly transformed by the taint, usually resulting in their death.

The doctor had several trained manticores which he used to guard his lab and capture prisoners. He would also dissect some of the manticores and extract venom from their severed tails for his experiments.

Littlepip escaped from the doctor and killed him with the help of a mare from Gutterville she saved from raiders earlier in the Manehattan ruins.

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