The Redtrotters were a tribe of Ponies, living at the beginning of Route 52 and close to Canterlot. They patrolled the area between Canterlot and the end of their territory along Route 52. They charge trade caravans who wish to pass through their territory and keep the roads between their territory and Salt Cube City, relatively safe.


The Redtrotters are a tribe of ponies that live at the start of Route 52. They had access to assault rifles and some more advanced weapons like a power lance. Puppysmiles meets them in Canterlot where one of them pierces her suit in frustration.

She regenerates and continues her journey along Route 52. She passes through their territory and is relieved of assorted items she has picked up as she wandered from Canterlot to Route 52. Her suit guides her to a prototype Pinkie Party Robot, holding a party in a heavily irradiated barn. Puppysmiles saves a pony who was forced to attend the crazed robot's party and ends up destroying the barn.

The pony she saved was the daughter of one of the Redtrotters. The robot ran what came to be known as the carnival and it's built in weapons prevented the Redtrotters from killing the mechanical fiend. The Robot would take a child, once a year and force them to attend the carnival/party. Thus the robot was slowly killing off the next generation of Redtrotters. They thank Puppysmiles for saving the pony and give her a pass so she can enter Salt Cube City.

Later on, after Puppysmiles has left, the Redtrotters stopped charging children travelling with the trade caravans who wished to pass through their territory. This made trade a little bit easier for travelling traders.




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